OEM Applications

OEM Applications

Kinetic Systems, Inc. offers a complete line of products and engineering services for original equipment manufacturers.

Our engineers will work with yours to develop the optimal vibration control strategy for your unique application. From individual light-duty mounts to complete heavy-duty systems, we are committed to providing you with the best performing and most cost-effective vibration solution. To learn more about how Kinetic Systems can help you to improve the performance of your wafer inspection machine, surface measurement instrument, stepper, laser trimmer, profilometer, or other sensitive device, give us a call at 617.522.8700 or send us a note using our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!



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Vibration Isolation Mounts

The Series 1206 VIBRAPLANE Individual Mounts are ideal when designing or retrofitting sensitive equipment. They use the same isolation techniques as our workstations and platforms, and perform exceedingly well in new equipment or to retrofit existing applications that don’t fit the standard table or platform.
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Vibration Isolation Workstations

Because our Vibration Isolation Workstations are designed for general use as well as specific applications, we offer Six Different Basic Configurations to meet virtually all requirements for a vibration controlled work environment. Contact our Kinetic Systems sales engineers the best solution for your vibration isolation requirement.
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Equipment Platforms

The BaseMate Series 9300 Isolation Platforms for large equipment offer you maximum flexibility and choice. With over 16 time-tested modular configurations you’re sure to get the optimum configuration to meet your application needs. BaseMate Platform Systems provide vibration isolation benefits that are unmatched by other floor systems.
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Benchtop Platforms

Our Vibration Control Benchtop Platforms are available in four different configurations for use in enhancing the performance of precision tabletop equipment.


VIBRALITE breadboards are available in five grades for OEM applications, prototyping, instrument bases, mounting small optical systems, and other uses requiring a flat, stable surface. Thinner and smaller than full-size optical tables, these “mini-tables” are built with the same precision tooling and high quality materials. Furnished with SPILLPRUF tapped mounting holes and elastomeric iso feet.

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