Enclosures and Faraday Cages
Tailor-made to fit your workstation or optical table

Enclosures and Faraday Cages

Faraday Cages

For electrical and magnetic field shielding, KSI provides high performance Faraday Cages featuring high-density 16 mesh copper wires, with either roll-up or hinged front doors. Custom sizing, special shelving, access ports and door configurations are available.

Table Top Enclosures

Plexiglass Table Top Enclosures are sized to fit your workstation or optical table, enhancing security, enabling a draft-free or environmentally controlled atmosphere, and ensuring protection from dust and other contaminants. The 32″ high (standard) enclosure has aluminum framework, a rigid composite roof, and 1/4″ acrylic side and end panels. Side panels slide to provide easy access to the table from either side. Available with clear, black, or smoke-gray colored panels. Optional HEPA filter blower can be mounted on top for a slightly positive air pressure.

Enclosured table

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