Optical Breadboards

Optical Breadboards

Breadboards may be purchased individually, paired with our Series 1206  Isolation Mounts, or specified as part of a Vibration Isolation Workstation.

5700 Series High Static Stiffness Breadboards

The 5700 Series VIBRALITE HC optical breadboards are similar in design to our optical tabletops. They feature a lightweight precision formed steel honeycomb construction (for 4″ thick breadboards) or our patented VIBRALITE extruded aluminum core (2″ thick breadboards). Just like our optical tables, all 5700 Series breadboards now feature 3/16″ ferromagnetic stainless steel top AND bottom skins.

C-Series Vibradamped Composite-Core Breadboards

The C-Series features a two-layer Vibradamped wood composite construction and 3/16″ ferromagnetic top AND bottom skins. An economical choice when the application doesn’t call for tapped holes. C-Series breadboards may be purchased individually, matched with a set of 1206 Series Vibration Isolation Mounts , or specified as part of a 9100 Series Workstation.

Available with unlaminated stainless steel top, white or black standard plastic laminate, or white or black anti-static laminate. Custom colors and sizes are available – contact us to discuss your unique application.

Still unsure? Learn more about optical tables by visiting our Optical Tables 101 and Optical Table Selection Criteria resources.

You can also contact us to work with our team of engineers to find the solution that best fits your exact requirements.

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