Optical Tables

Optical Tables

At Kinetic Systems, we’ve taken the guesswork out of selecting optical tables and vibration control equipment. With three standard damping levels to choose from, our honeycomb vibration isolation optical tables provide cost-effective solutions for virtually any application. The 5100 Series featuring broadband damping is our most popular model and the optimal choice for most applications. For more demanding environments choose our 5200 Series with dual-tuned plus broadband damping. For extremely sensitive applications in severe or unknown vibration environments, we recommend our 5300 Series honeycomb optical table featuring quad-tuned plus broadband damping.

All of our optical tables now come standard with 3/16″ ferromagnetic stainless steel for both top AND bottom skins.

If it’s got holes, it’d better be SPILLPRUF! All of our optical tables and breadboards feature our exclusive spill management system for maximum durability and convenience.

Optical tables may be paired with either Active-Air or Passive-Air vibration isolators, or modular rigid supports, sold separately. The image to the right shows Active-Air isolators with optional leg braces.

Breadboards may be purchased individually or as part of a Vibration Isolation Workstation.

Research Grade - 5200 Series Vibration Isolation Optical Tables

5100 Series Optical Tables - Proven Performance, Exceptional Value

The 5100 Series Optical Table features broadband damping using our proprietary epoxy formulation.

5200 Series Optical Tables feature Dual Tuned Dampers for Enhanced Performance

The 5200 Series Optical Table features the same broadband damping as the 5100 series plus dual tuned dampers, providing enhanced performance for more sensitive applications.

5300 Series Optical Tables with Quad Tuned Dampers for Ultimate Performance

The 5300 Series provides the ultimate performance in an optical table. It features quad-tuned dampers for maximum stability and minimum response to vibration disturbances. Broadband damping… proprietary epoxy bonded steel and honeycomb… unsurpassed rigidity and stability.

Still unsure? Learn more about optical tables by visiting our Optical Tables 101 and Optical Table Selection Criteria resources.

You can also contact us to work with our team of engineers to find the solution that best fits your exact requirements.

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